1. J

    Cute, muscular young guy posing in wet bulging boxerbriefs...

    Love seeing a guy bulging like that when he gets out of the water. Hot that he likes to go swimming in his boxerbriefs too...they show off a lot more ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  2. J

    4 Russian Army boys in their undies, posing arm in arm...

    These guys are ALL so damn cute. I just wish I could get in that lineup hehe. The guy in the bulging red undies turns me on the most. What do you guys think? Send me a message! Jeremy
  3. J

    Buff, tan college boy in his boxerbriefs at a party...

    This guy is sooo damn sexy!! What a body! You can tell from the look on his cute face that he is drunk as fuck too lol. Notice the wet spot on the undies too ;) Wish I was there. Enjoy! Jeremy
  4. J

    Hot Army boy posing in his boxerbriefs and black socks mmm (2 pics)....

    This guy is soooo damn SEXY to me. From his cute face all the way down that sexy body to his socked feet...YUM!! Let me know what you think guys. Take care and enjoy!! Jeremy
  5. J

    2 hot motorcycling guys caught in their briefs while changing in their gear

    Mmm that is one nice bulge he has going on there. I would definitely love to get my hands...and mouth...on that mmm. Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  6. J

    Cute, pierced college boy posing in bulging boxerbriefs & socks...

    This is one damn cute, sexy guy. I would love to get a good look at what he's packing in those bulging undies mmm. Everything about him is HOT right down to those sexy socks. Enjoy! Jeremy
  7. J

    Russian college guy stripped to his bulging boxerbriefs

    Mmmmm how I would love to rub my hands all over this sexy boy's body. Looks like he has a nice piece in those bulging undies too :) Enjoy! Jeremy
  8. J

    College boy in wet, white boxerbriefs gets felt up by his bud

    I wish I was the one feeling up that cute, sexy boy!! Hell, I would love to do a lot of things to BOTH of them hehe ;) Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  9. J

    Hot tatted up straight guy posing in his boxerbriefs

    This guy is DAMN hot to me. I think the tats are really sexy on him. Now to get him out of those sexy boxerbriefs hehe ;) Jeremy
  10. J

    Cute college boy in just his wet, bulging boxerbriefs (2 pics)...

    This guy is so cute. Love seeing his pits in the first pic. The second pic shows off just how nice that bulge really is ;) Let me know what you think guys! Jeremy
  11. J

    Buff college boy posing in his boxerbriefs & sneakers...

    Mmmm what a sexy boy...that body!! He could come and haul some things around for me any time haha ;P Take care guys...and enjoy! Jeremy
  12. J

    3 Army boys hangin' out in their tight, bulging boxerbriefs.

    These guys are SO damn CUTE...and look so sexy in their tight grey boxerbriefs and Army tees. The guy on the left looks to have quite a nice bulge. I know I would love to lick each one of them from their sexy feet all the way up! Jeremy
  13. J

    Drunk frat boys stripped to their undies in a cruise ship hallway...

    I have been on a cruise, but never encountered this delicious sight lurking in my hallway haha. Maybe one day in the future!! Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  14. J

    Young jock getting a leg massage in his boxerbriefs...

    Both of there guys are pretty damn cute. I would love to rub on those sexy legs too...amongst other things ;) Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  15. J

    Drunk boy passed out...nuts hangin' out his tight boxerbriefs...

    This is definitely a site I would love to walk in on haha. What a HOT ass...and damn cute too. I would have to hold back not to suck on those hot balls ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  16. J

    Army boy passed out in white socks & boxerbriefs...

    Mmmm damn those are some nice sexy legs. I love the white socks on his feet too :) I am a bog fan of boxerbriefs too...and those Army issued ones look HOT on him :) Take care and enjoy! Jeremy
  17. J

    CUTE str8 guy laid back in his boxerbriefs, legs spread wide...

    This guy is SO incredibly CUTE!! He could not be laid in any sexier of a pose either...those sexy legs spread wide, boxerbriefs almost gaping open, seeing the outline of his balls through them. DAMN! Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  18. J

    HOT college boy rolling out of bed in his boxerbriefs...

    This guy is SO incredibly cute...and sexy as HELL. I wish he was rolling outta my bed right now. I would lick him from his feet all the way up that sexy body ;) Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  19. J

    Drunk str8 boy in bulging wet boxerbriefs...

    DAMN that is one hot boy...and it looks like he has quite a package too ;) Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  20. J

    Cute young guy pulling his boxerbriefs up his ass crack...

    Damn this guy is CUTE...and what a HOT ass :) Hopefully you guys will enjoy him too! Take care and enjoy! Jeremy