1. J

    Furry, bearded stud naked and spread wide, in long socks and a ballcap

    OK...this guy drives me absolutely crazy!! From his sexy bearded face, down that hairy body to his sock feet...he is amazing! I would do anything he demanded haha. Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  2. A

    Amateurs GAY-XXX Video Only - FileMonster

    Jack Andy, Scott DeMarco & Jack Mackenroth Release Year: 2018 Genres: anal, bareback, blowjob, doublepenetration, dp, facialhair, hunks, kissing, oral, porn, raw, rimming, tattoos, threesome Video language: English The two Jacks and Scott have an every-which-way threesome. Format: mp4...
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    Bearded guy offers to fuck gay friend on couch

    I once saw a video of two guys sitting on a couch. One of them starts saying that he hasnt gotten any in a long time. The other guy (bearded) says that he would be willing to fuck him. The horny guy then sucks the bearded guy off who then later fucks em. Cant seem to remember where I saw this...