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    Looking for vintage porn about a telephone.

    Hi I am looking for the title of a vintage porn I saw about a woman who has a telephone that she can press a button on and it tells the sex fantasies of the person who she is talking to. The porn is vintage and from the 70s or even early 80s, and it's in colour. I think it was called "Internal...
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    80's | 1980 - 1989 | Vintage & Classic | Movies | DVDRip VHSRip

    Sex Boat Year: 1980 Country: USA Language: English Genre: 3 Way, BDSM, Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, Masturbation Duration: 01:20:38 Starring: Kandi Barbour, Kelly Nichols, Linda Reeves, Roxanne Potts, Jeanette James, Dana Dennis, Svetlana, Cody Nicole, Loni Sanders, Little Oral Annie, Kevin James...
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    Penthouse Hardcore 1970 - 1989

    Penthouse Hardcore 1970 - 1989 Penthouse_Hardcore_1970_-_1989.pdf PDF 21 mb 366 pages
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    Exciting 34 (11-1985)

    Exciting 34 (11-1985) Download: Exciting_34_(11-1985).pdf PDF 77 mb 83 pages