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    Deep Throat Year: 1972 Country: USA Language: English Genre: Oral, Plot Based, Classic Duration: 01:04 Starring: John Byron, Carol Connors, Gerald Damiano, Bill Harrison, William Love, Linda Lovelace, Bob Phillips, Michael Powers, Harry Reems, Dolly Sharp, Ted Street Description: One of the...
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    Josefine Mutzenbacher: Wie Sie Wirklich War Teil 2 Year: 1979 Country: Germany Language: German Genre: Classic Duration: 01:36:36 Starring: Jane Iwanoff, Karine Gambier, Leila Vigso, Marion Brandmeier, Sylvia Engelmann Description: In 1906 the first Josephine Mutzenbacher book was published...
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    Help finding an older film.. Vintage, feature, possibly 70-80's.

    I've been searching for years, and have had no luck.. I have an extremely vague memory that looks like this. The scene is set up where a man is standing next to a bed. He has just gotten home. The next thing I recall is a brunette.. I believe. The man is naked, laying on the bed watching the...