Why was my Wendy Fiore thread trashed?

Discussion in 'About Intporn' started by Warpgate, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Warpgate

    Warpgate Proud Member

    Hello. Just wondering why my Wendy Fiore thread was thrown into the recycle bin? I have not received any messages or emails over this, either. The thread has 77k posts, so I fail to see how it could possibly be considered "Low quality" if that's the problem.

    Also, I have never uploaded anything to this site, only to third party sites like Solidfiles, so I fail to see how this could be a DMCA problem?

    My new thread can be found here:
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2015
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  2. OutOfMind210

    OutOfMind210 New Member

    Why did the thread get trashed? Any new threads allowed?
  3. Superfour

    Superfour Guest

  4. Warpgate

    Warpgate Proud Member

    Any reason why it's taking over 3 days to respond to my question?
  5. intporn

    intporn Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry about that. I'v been waiting for a moderator to explain why the thread was moved. I guess it was because you didn't include any recommended hosts. Anyway, I have now moved the thread back to the pornstar section, because you are not spamming the forums with any strange file hosts, but rather want to share your content for free... Thanks.
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  6. Warpgate

    Warpgate Proud Member

    Thank you! I thought the recommended hosts were simply recommendations, and not mandatory. I will of course start using recommended hosts if I have to.
    I'm not using any shady hosts though, it's straight forward click my link, click "Download" and then the download starts. So I don't see how something could be wrong with the hosts I use.

    I'm not trying to earn any money with my thread, I'm only trying to help people access Wendy's excellent content.

    Once again, thanks for solving confusion!

    By the way, is it okay if I use SolidFiles and Anonfiles instead of the recommended hosts?
  7. chancehusky

    chancehusky New Member

    Looks like the thread is gone for good this time
  8. Warpgate

    Warpgate Proud Member

    Yep, thread is gone for good.
  9. OutOfMind210

    OutOfMind210 New Member

    Without your posts, se would not have as many followers or members. She should be thanking you for your work.
  10. Warpgate

    Warpgate Proud Member

    I've been considering making a new thread for every album/video, like Slow does. Do you think that would be a good alternative to 1 mega thread?