What does 'archive' for old site mean, for non-technical members?

Discussion in 'About Intporn' started by HumpherBackside, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. HumpherBackside

    HumpherBackside New Member

    While I realize that 'old site will be archived soon' is self-explanatory to a point, what does this mean for regular users of the site?

    Will old-site downloads be searchable in terms of content, names, titles, etc?

    I don't imagine anyone is foolish enough to believe that cyberlocker links for old posts will have any longevity guarantee, perhaps it would be useful to explain just what will be and won't be possible to do with the archived old-site material, from the new site.

    Thanks for your consideration.
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  2. intporn

    intporn Administrator Staff Member

    That is a good question. I guess "archiving" can both mean "killing it off slowly" and "letting commercial interests take over". We are still trying to figure out what will hurt the most :)

    This is my interpretation:

    - No new user registration.
    - No new posts.
    - Archive is accessible and searchable for all users.

    What do you think? All other ideas are most welcome...
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  3. buttfreak

    buttfreak New Member

    I would think that the heavy traffic flow from old site will eventually lead this one to handle to newer stuff but still have the old site active for only older posts & such.
    I hope this newer version will bring older members from other to over here.

  4. intporn

    intporn Administrator Staff Member

    We will of course add lots of pointers from the archive to fresh content. People will come. And stay ;)
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  5. mrporn

    mrporn Member

    only one thing all the SEO of the other forum will be lost and this new forum starts from the beginning
  6. intporn

    intporn Administrator Staff Member

    We can use some 301 redirects to keep our current Google PageRank. I will look into it.
  7. mrporn

    mrporn Member

    google dont like the redirections

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