We Live Together-Kylie Kane

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    Kylie Kane - Ass To Ass
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    It was a fine day to get some sun out by the pool. The ladies were looking super fine in their tiny g-strings in the hot South Florida sun. It was to bad that the water was chilly and they couldn't get all wet. Lily had another thought on how to get all wet though. She very quickly turned to Kylie and checked her ass out. The kissing started soon after they sized up each others asses which then progressed into the bed room. That was pretty much the end of sun tanning, but they were so turned on they were no longer worried about tan lines. Lily sat on Kylie's face and made sure her pussy lips were over lapping on to the sides of Kylie's cheeks. Kylie got her tongue deep inside Lily as she played with herself. She wanted to make sure her pussy was soaking wet for Lily. They switched it up, and Lily dove right into Kylie's ass like it was a bowl of strawberries. She then finger banged her until you could hear how wet Kylie was. They both came with excitement and finished with some sweet cuddle time.



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