VENU-355 義理の父親 瀧川花音

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    VENU-355 義理の父親 瀧川花音
    Father Takigawa Kanon of the Giri
    +5% Recovery record
    発売日: 2013/07/19
    収録時間: 80分
    出演者: 瀧川花音
    監督: カニエ
    シリーズ: 義理の父親
    メーカー: VENUS
    レーベル: 女神(ヴィーナス)
    ジャンル: クンニ 熟女 人妻 スレンダー 単体作品
    品番: venu355
    The Kanon which were scolded every day by the father-in-law who I married, and lived together for one year, and had a hard time. Talked with a husband, but could not strongly say, and the husband couldn’t but endure father, too. Meanwhile, the harassment from a father-in-law for the Kanon gradually escalates. In the day when a husband went to work, came to receive it until damp and shady sexual harassment…. However, were Kanon at a loss for such a sexual harassment first, but it is to the body which is not good gradually if it is not a father-in-law.
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