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Discussion in 'About Intporn' started by dapinkthing, May 3, 2013.

  1. dapinkthing

    dapinkthing Intporn Gold

    Is it ok to use to protect links? I got this link protector from warez-bb so I think its safe and reputable. please let me know admins!
  2. intporn

    intporn Administrator Staff Member

    Nope, all link redirect services are banned. I have seen too many of them suddenly die, or start pushing tons of advertisements, and so on. Sorry.
  3. dapinkthing

    dapinkthing Intporn Gold's been alive for a few years now and its used by hopefully you'll reconsider. It'll help keep links alive for a lot longer. There seems to be so many dmca spiders around these days.
  4. dapinkthing

    dapinkthing Intporn Gold

    my links keep dying is it possible to use link protectors? I don't see the point in posting here anymore.
  5. Warpgate

    Warpgate Proud Member

    Use another host or go somewhere else. Link protectors don't help, trust me.

    I think ****** should be allowed though. Google won't kill it any time soon.
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