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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Striker74, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Striker74

    Striker74 New Member

    When i dont find a link to a vid someone is searching, and i got it, wich good SAVE sites can i use to upload?
    THX for help^^
  2. Aeris

    Aeris Guest

    Well, there are many valuable sites, I can suggest you one I use from long time that is Uploaded.net

    Then there are many others, now I'm testing myself Rapidgator.net but I'm still not sure on how good it will be (though is one of the suggested ones).

    Here is a list of the other suggested hosts:

    -- Filemonster (Content-Corporation)
    -- DepositFiles
    -- LuckyShare
    -- RyuShare
    -- DepositFiles

    Hope you can find one of them suitable for what you need.

    There are other hosts out of this list obviously, you can try to search for them on google.

    Just a little suggestion, when you want to upload something, if you think you'll delete that file from your hard disks, use at least two file hosts, so in case one of them get deleted (like oron or filesonic..) you won't lose those files.
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  3. Warpgate

    Warpgate Proud Member

    Anonfiles is an excellent host, with some minor problems at the moment. Direct linking allowed, faster download speeds than every other that I know of, rarely deletes copyrighted content, etc. You should check it out.

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