Tozasareta Inyoku no Gakuen

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    Tozasareta Inyoku no Gakuen

    Genres: Action, Ahegao, Big Tits, Female Students, Horror, Monster, Pregnant, School, Unavoidable Rape, Tentacle Rape

    Censored: Yes
    Developer: Devil-seal
    Publisher: Softhouse-Seal
    Release Date: 2013-01-25
    File Size: 474 mb

    Sound language: Japanese
    Text language: Japanese

    Hioi City, Kasumi Island.
    When students return home, sudden disappearance incidents occurred one after another. The disappearance was buried in darkness without being resolved. Everybodys talking about ghosts... Two female students will be the victims of the disappearances. Yuki Kariya was left in school after the student council and Oikawa Ya fell asleep after school. The girls noticed that the outside is quite dark. When they try to go home, strange things strating to show up. The doors won't open, and the girls had been imprisoned in the school...

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    DOWNLOAD Tozasareta Inyoku no Gakuen

    DOWNLOAD Tozasareta Inyoku no Gakuen