Please help! Who is she...

Discussion in 'Recycle Bin' started by curiousfan, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Hi newcomer here.
    Sorry dont have the pic or gif but really need to find out who this girl is. Dont know where I saw that ad.

    I saw an ad with her .... here's what I saw:

    a brunette, she is hot, kinda looks like cindy crawford (is not taylor hayes), is not old, at one moment in the gif ... someone was slapping a dick on her head, in another moment she was in water with her tits submerged/ going up and down.
    and finally she has a tattoo on her lower back, right above her bum

    and maybe (but could be another pornstar in the gif) ... had a tattoo on the back near her shoulder

    Please help!!!