Old Erotic Movie ? Can't find anywhere

Discussion in 'XXX Requests' started by Robert Jebediah Freeman, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Hello, Ive searched for this movie but i can't find it, and i don't know the name.

    I can explain a bit from the movie, i also the think the movie is french, not asian and not black.

    I know some particular parts, I think it's about a girl, aged but not old a bit affro i think, brunette and this movie is old also, stockings. It is almost no nudity but it does include some. I think she lives or works at a old shop, very old. I can't explain but i got it all in my head. Anyways she knows a old man. She is hanging at a shop/bar, I know a special moment too, She's at some place and she went for peeing, then a guy follows her and peek and she finds out and it keeps going at a pool table like this one [​IMG]

    Im sorry but im not so familiar with the english language. Ive been looking allower.

    It starts with her being with another guy i think, and the guy gets mad or something.

    Been a couple years since i saw this.