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    TMF (The Male Form) magazine

    Dylan Rosser just published the 8th issue of his magazine The Male Form. The mag focuses on male nudes and presents some of the greatest and sexiest models from around the world.
    Year: 2013.
    Type: Magazines
    Format: PDF
    Quantity of a material: 8 releases
    Country: USA

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    File size: 433.3 MB
    Download TMF (The Male Form) magazine
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    Thank you! Very much appreciated!
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    PlayGirl 80s

    The magazine is not just for girls ...
    You can appreciate issues 80s. Join and enjoy.
    Year: 1980-1989
    Country: United States
    Total journals: 150

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    File size: 572.7 MB
    Download PlayGirl 80s
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    Handjobs magazine for fans of the so-called Young - Old, Boy - Man.
    The journal presents stories, illustrated little drawings. Theme magazine young - mature.
    All the stories in ENGLISH. And I repeat, it's magazines with stories!
    I've put together this collection of all that I have at the moment.
    Magazines Handjobs, as well as Handjobs Antalogy, Dad Bedtime Tales, Bi Adventures, Handjobs Special issues and more.
    Extras. Information: Whenever a file locked with a password, use "handjobs"
    Type: Magazines
    Format: PDF
    The amount of material: 267 magazines
    Country: United States
    Genre: Young - Old; Boy - Man; Oral / Anal Sex

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    File size: 1.1 GB
    Download Handjobs
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    Attitude April Issue 229

    For the first Style issue of 2013, we’ve travelled to Los Angeles to soak up that infamous Cali cool. And who better than James Franco to front this special edition? We talk to him about Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful and his other film, about gay S&M sex and cinema. It’s a little less Disney, that one.

    Plus, there’s a whole host of STYLE throughout the issue, in big block caps. We’re got a 20 page collections story shot on the streets of L.A., Californian boys in Californian swimwear, the best in timepieces shot on location at Muscle Beach and the story of how a West Coast educated duo who turned a faded French label into a fashion powerhouse.

    You can also win a bag of style goodies, we chose the best denim shirts for your perusal, there’s the best in the trend for prints Spring/Summer 2013 plus a profile of Michael Kors. Oh, and Romy and Michele are our alternative style icons. It works!

    All this fashion in our bumper STYLE issue, plus Romeo Beckham gives his clothing tips to Attitude exclusively (this is a slight fib)

    File size: 35.5 MB
    Download Attitude April Issue 229
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    Attitude May Issue 230

    The May issue of Attitude features hunky Eastenders star David Witts on the cover, with an exclusive interview and spread inside. To mark the 20th anniversary of The Beautiful Thing, we’ve only gone and reuinted the original cast of the movie, and chatted with Suranne Jones - to find out how gay she is as she prepares to star in the show’s revival. With cone bras at the ready, we also take a trip ...

    File size: 109.9 MB
    Download Attitude May Issue 230
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    Attitude Issue 231. Summer Edition

    Summer is here and so is our summer issue! Sizzling on the cover is the rugby stud Ben Foden, who talks about hitting up G-A-Y (yay) and being married to Una from The Saturdays (sadly). Our annual Selfridges underwear special is full of Greek gods in pants, which we had the pleasure of shooting in the scenic surrounds of Athens. Fancy. We also have exclusive interviews with ABBA legend Agnetha, icconic director Pedro Almodovar, and the hottest duo in pop, Hurts. Our Eurovision spread takes a look at ‘what goes on tour’ behind the scenes, and we caught up with Bonnie Tyler ahead of the big night. Let the good times roll..

    File size: 33.0 MB
    Download Attitude Issue 231. Summer Edition
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    Attitude 211

    Attitude is a British gay lifestyle magazine owned by Vitality Publishing. It is sold worldwide as a physical magazine and a digital download for the iPad and iPhone via the App Store. The first issue appeared in May 1994. Press Gazette has named attitude as the biggest-selling in the sector.

    File size: 30.9 MB
    Download Attitude 211
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    New Gay Themed books

    The selection of the latest gay themed books in mobi format:

    A Consumer's Guide to Male Hustlers - John Dececco
    A Simple Suburban Murder - Mark Richard
    A Sliver of Flesh_ Four New Short Storie - Alexander
    A Summer on Fire Island - Alexander
    All I Could Bare_ My Life in the Strip C - Craig
    Evening Crowd at Kirmser's_ A Gay Life i - Ricardo J.
    Exquisite Corpse - Poppy Z.
    Fadeout_ A Dave Brandstetter Mystery - Joseph
    Juvenile Homosexual Experience, and Its - Robert H. V
    Lettin It All Hang Out_ An Autobiography -
    McCaffery - Charles Orson
    Memoirs - Tennessee
    Mercenary Affections_ Stories of the Hom - Alexander
    Moise and the World of Reason - Williams
    Physique_ The Life of John S. Barrington - Rupert
    Quentin Crisp Omnibus - Quentin
    Ready to Catch Him Should He Fall - Neil
    STH Number 66 2007 -
    The Big Bang - Brian
    The Dilly Boys - Mervyn
    The First Time_ Five Short Stories - Alexander
    The Spell - Alan
    The Young Homosexual - Lee
    Three Plays - Tennessee

    ENJOY !!!!!

    File size: 27.6 MB
    Download New Gay Themed books
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    Attitude 213 - January 2012

    Attitude 213 - January 2012
    The latest edition of the most popular gay magazine on planet, ENJOY !!!!!

    File size: 30.2 MB
    Download Attitude 213 - January 2012