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    Name of the actress: Jodi
    WestName movie: Mother, Please!
    year: 2013
    Genre: All Sex, Milf, Mature, Big Tits, Old / young, ******, Taboo Roleplay, Mother Son, Stepmommy, Stepson, Blowjob, Hardcore, Older Women, 40 +,
    FamilyDuration: 00:15:22
    Video Format: MP4Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720x404 (231:130) 29.97fps 1509kbps
    Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 127kbps

    Description: Jodi is on the phone with her husband. She is feeling more and more like a housekeeper and less like a wife in this marriage. Now it seems that his irresponsible stepson not only left his room an absolute disaster, he forgot his asthma inhaler and will need it for his baseball game."No, No. I'll get it to him" She tells her husband on the phone. Mother is getting sick of doing all this running around for the little ingrate. She might have to drop of the needed medicine, but she has no intention on staying and watching the young man playLater that afternoon, she is on the phone with her friend planning the night with her husband away when she hears her son enter the home. She hangs up and waits for him."Oh there you are. Have you seen my inhaler?" the young man asks. Mother confirms she has it, but ostracizes him for being irresponsible"What? I didn't need it earlier, but I need it now for my game" Tony says."You need it?! Well I have needs too. I am sick of going unsatisfied by your father!" Mother says, taunting him with the inhaler. "What are you willing to do for it?"Mother informs him that he will have to eat her pussy and make her cum before he can have it. She forces his head into place, but as he is performing for Mother, he starts to wheeze from the asthma."You need to learn breath control" Mother says, giving him just one puff of his medicine, then forcing his head back down on her wet cunt. "Now eat that pussy!" Mother demands. Soon she is getting close, but decides to show him what real breath control is like. Mother roles her son over, sits on his face and takes his hard cock deep in her throat. This motivates the young man to eat her pussy with a little more enthusiasm, and soon Mother cums on his face, grinding her cunt down hard on his head."Oh, your not going anywhere yet!" Mother stops him, informing her son that his chores are not done. She jumps on his hard, slick cock, and rides it to her liking.Mother's ass bounces up and down on the long cock until she decides she needs it deeper in her. Mother gets on her knees and has her son behind her, holding off his orgasm until she cums again. When he can't hold it any longer, Mother allows her son to explode, spraying her down with steam after stream of semen. He is so excited that it covers her back from her ass to her neck!Exhausted, Mother throws his inhaler towards the door. "Now don't tell your Father" She yells, as she lays on the bed spent. Mother doesn't even really care if her husband finds out, it's about time someone fucked her well in the family.

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    Name of the actress: Jodi West
    Name movie: Mothers Stuck!
    Production year: 2013
    Duration: 00:10:55
    Video Format: WMV
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 1280x720 29.97fps 6099kbps
    Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 192kbps......

    Mother is already late for her yoga class, when she goes to grab a drink of water from the sink. There is a smell coming from the disposal, so she reaches to run the grinder.
    An awful sound comes from the machinery, and Mother shuts it down immediately. What do her son put down there now? she thinks as she reaches in to clear the obstruction. When she tries to withdraw her hand, she realizes SHE STUCK! After trying several maneuvers, she finally hears her son come through the front door.
    Mother asks the young man to help her out of this jam by getting behind her and pulling .....
    After that fails, she sends him to her room to get some oil to help lubricate the restriction. What happens next is one of our best shot video to date!!

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    Name of the actress: Jodi West
    Name movie: Family Planning
    year: 2013
    Duration: 00:09:10
    Video Format: MP4
    Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 848x480 29.97fps 2046kbps
    Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 189kbps

    Description: WHEN MOTHER FINDS OUT THAT HER PREGNANT DAUGHTER IS STILL HAVING SEX WITH THE YOUNG MAN WHO KNOCKED HER UP, SHE KNOWS SHE HAS TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT HURTING ANYTHING. THE ONLY WAY TO DO THAT IS TO HAVE SEX WITH HER NEW SON-IN-LAW RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER DAUGHTER!!"You can't go just yet" Ashlynn tells Justin as he was getting ready to leave. "My Mother needs to talk to you about something"Ashlynn knows just how strange her Mother can appear, so she tries to break the news easily to her new man."I think she found out about us still having sex, and she needs to talk about it". Justin is a little nervous about the discussion, and when Mother enters the room, she doesn't make him feel any more comfortable.After some small talk, Mother gets right down to the point. "I know you two have been having sex, and I just want to make sure everything is going okay"."What?! You want to watch us two have sex?" Justin says, pointing to her daughter and him. He cant believe what is being said."No, No. That would be weird" Mother responds. "My daughter is going to watch while we have SEX!!!" Justin cant believe his ears, but before he knows it, Mother stands him up and has his erection in her mouth getting it ready for her. Mother also makes sure that her daughter has a good view of the fornication as it is going on, after all, this is for her benefit!"Are you sure this is alright?" Justin asks Ashlynn ...A VERY HOT SCENE AS MOTHER SHOWS HER DAUGHTER AND HER MAN HOW TO FUCK. THE YOUNG MAN GETS SO EXCITED AT THE ACTION OF MOTHER AND DAUGHTER, HE LOOSES HIS NUTS ALL OVER HIS NEW MOTHER-IN-LAWS ASS. THE FAMILY IS GOING TO NEED TO PRACTICE THIS A FEW MORE TIMES, JUST TO MAKE SURE!!!

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    Name of the actress: Jodi West
    Name movie: The Perfect Mother
    Production year: 2013
    Duration: 00:10:05
    Video Format: WMV
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 1280x720 29.97fps 6099kbps
    Audio: WMA 48000Hz stereo 192kbps 2

    Description: Mother bends over the stove with her dress tight against her fit, mature body. She checks the dinner she is preparing, and seasons it carefully. Then Mother goes through the rooms and collects what needs to be picked up. Her stepson Jimmy always seams to leave some article of clothing around! She gathers up the dirty clothes and starts the wash.Mother then readies herself for her family to come home. She carefully applies her lipstick to ensure everything is perfect. One last thing to do, put away Jimmy's clean clothes from the dryer. As she puts away the clean shirts as her son Jimmy enters the room."Oh hello. I put away your clothes and got you fresh towels" Mother greats her son. "Dinner will be on shortly, and you Father should get home soon." Mother continues and picks up her empty laundry basket."There is one more thing you have to do for me" Her son Jimmy says. Mother stops. She is sure she has done everything to keep the home perfect ..."You know that girl I like in my class that wears the tight sweaters?" Jimmy asks, then goes on to explain that she has given him an erection all day, and that it would be very inappropriate for him to go down to the dinner table with the noticeable bulge in his pants."Well, I suppose I could take care of it like I take care of your Father's" Mother says, lowering herself down to his pants. There she finds his youthful erect penis, hard as he described. Mother uses her experienced mouth on it to try to relieve the pressure, but finds that only makes it harder."I don't think we are going to have time to finish it this way before dinner. You should probably bend me over and finish it using my pussy" Mother climbs on the bed on all fours and lifts her dress. She then lowers her panties to allow the young man access to her backside.Jimmy slides his hard member into her and begins to thrust slowly. Mother knows this might be questionable behavior, but believes she is doing the right thing for her family. Father just wouldn't understand if Jimmy showed up at the dinner table with a pants problem.Jimmy thrusts quicker and harder, and Mother has gone from giving to getting enjoyment from this interlude. Her hands race across her body and find there special spots to bring her to orgasmic relief. Jimmy turns her over so he can penetrate his mother deeply, then thrusts long and hard into her. Mother holds her legs open so her son can penetrate as deeply as possible, until he can't take it anymore and pulls is penis from her pussy and shoots stream after thick stream of semen all over his Mother's chest."That young girl really did have you worked up!" Mother says, looking at the massive amount of cum.Mother sends her son off to clean up before dinner. She tries to cleanup the mess he has made on her with his seed, but her panties are just too small to clean up such a youthful load.Mother gathers her dress to leave, and finds even more semen on her neck, a good two feet from where Jimmy started to shoot. With a little pride in her son's virility, she tastes the cum, then hurries off to finish dinner like the perfect Mother.ONE OF OUR MOST TWISTED STORY LINES TO DATE. THIS IS ONLY FOR THE FANS OF VERY TABOO FAMILY FANTASY ROLE-PLAY!!!

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    Name of the actress: Jodi West
    Name movie: Mother's Party
    Production year: 2012
    Duration: 00:17:37
    Video Format: MKV
    Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 29.97fps
    Audio: Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo

    Description: Mother is very busy today. She is desperately trying to get everything ready for her wine tasting party for the women's group, and nothing seams to be working out! Now even the front entry light is giving her trouble. She tries to fix the bulb herself, but when she almost breaks her neck, she decides to call her son in for help.
    "Don't hold the ladder, hold onto me" Mother insists, as she unsteadily rises to change the bulb. Her son reluctantly grabs her bottom to steady her. His strong hand grips her backside flesh, and a twinge of excitement races through each of them.
    Once the light is fixed, she lowers herself down and into her son's arms. There is a moment of uncomfortable silence as they each try to ignore the forbidden desires that are rising in them.
    "Now go get changed, you will be helping to serve the wine and cheese for the party, and I am so nervous about these women. They can be such catty bitches if things aren't just right" Mother tells her son as he leaves to get dressed for the party. Once he is gone, Mother tries to collect herself and her taboo feelings for him.
    After the party is over, Mother is cleaning up the mess. Her son brings in the last of the dirty wine glasses to be cleaned.
    "It looks like someone didn't finish their wine!" Mother says, when she notices a half full glass. She downs the remaining spirits in one gulp, indicating that Mother might have had just a bit too much to drink that evening.
    "So you really think everything went alright" Mother asks her son, as they carry on the conversation about the successful evenings event. But there is more then just innocent dialogue going on. Mothers eyes and hands seem to have a mind of their own, as she touches the young man's developed chest. When did her son get so big and strong? What are these feelings I'm having? Mother thinks as she sends him off to bed. She grabs the last of the bottles of wine, quickly pours the remains into a glass, and downs the drink in another big gulp.
    What am I about to do, races through Mother's mind as she finds an excuse to get into her son's bedroom. After all, she has had trouble with the zipper on her dress in the past, hasn't she?
    What happens next will leave you speechless, as both Mother and Son get swept away by the currents of forbidden love! Mother satisfies all her mature, womanly desires on the hard manhood of this young stallion! It ends with the uncontrollable orgasm of Mother, and the spray of taboo seed from this victimized young man!
    Please note, any family familiar references are used only as terms of endearment, they do not indicate any actual or implied biological relationship.

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