Masquerade Men of Odyssey 1994

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    Masquerade / Men of Odyssey / 1994

    Studio: Men of Odyssey
    Cast: Marco Rossi, Johnny Rey, Kevin Kramer, Aaron Austin, Andrew Valentino, Danny Bliss, Joey Stefano
    Director: Andrew Lawrence
    Genre: vintage, hunks
    Year: 1994
    Runtime: 90 min
    Country: USA
    This film was Odyssey’s first entry in gay porn and is now being on DVD (April 2001). Although a bit dated (we all miss Stefano) Masquerade pretty much stands the test of time for what it is. And what it is is a star vehicle for buff, brawny, beautiful Rossi. The plot centers on the fact that Rossi is a popular singer who is also gay but has to be "bearded". (Sound familiar, Mr. "Vida Loca"?)

    Anyway, Kane is his beard as they attend a costume party full of (surprise!) only other gay men. The costume party gives Rossi a chance to walk around in a loincloth as he plays Tarzan. (And look good in a loincloth he does.) Soon enough he has his own little twink version of Jane in a bathroom. They suck and fuck with a bit of inspiration. The highlight comes after the trick has left the room and Rossi needs to finish himself off: He does with aplomb and then quickly eats his own hot load. Bet you didn’t think that Rossi had it in him. He does.

    Other scenes include Stefano (who may or may not have been high at the time) trying to keep his hair out of his pretty eyes so he can seduce wooden Austin. The scene is definitely passable (what Stefano scene wouldn’t be?), but not up to what we have come to expect from our Joey.

    The DVD itself is pretty well done. It includes a nifty animated menu screen, five trailers, a photo gallery, and scene access.

    If you miss Stefano or love Rossi, this is a DVD for your collection.
    -Scott Templeton




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