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Discussion in 'XXX Requests' started by NavinMehta, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. NavinMehta

    NavinMehta New Member

    hi guys,

    I have watched a JAV movie in 2011-2012.
    I dont know the name of the movie since I cant read Japanese :(.

    What I remember about that movie is this...

    1. It was under censored category
    2. It was of either S model, Premium model or sky angel category.
    3. The movie starts with an actress watching herself on a big TV screen. On TV screen she is shown to shed some tears. After that an actor comes in the room and then start making love. They have smooch for very long time about 5-10min.
    4. It came on websites somewhere between Sept2011 to July 2012.

    Guys, if you have any idea about what the name of the film might be or actress name or anything...please share it. I am desperately searching it.​
  2. Striker74

    Striker74 New Member

    Mhhh... i dont know the movie but maybe you find it here: http://www.avcutie.com/
    If not and you like asian movies it's a good site.^^
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  3. NavinMehta

    NavinMehta New Member

    Thank you for the link...

    BTW, do you know any movie names where I can see more of foreplay(kiss, boob fondling, teasing). JAV are famous for that. I am fade up with hardcore sex and blow job videos.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. that_unkown_guy

    that_unkown_guy New Member

    Dont have the specific answer for you but, heres a site with many many jap uncensored and censored movies without annoying surveys or any bs:http://wo-jav.com/ also what you can do is search on aventertainments.com then Google a torrent. This has everything. I think you will like my idea.
  5. Striker74

    Striker74 New Member

    Maybe this model could be something for you: Hitomi Tanaka
    She got a lot vids without sex, but very big tits, dont know if you like it.
  6. NavinMehta

    NavinMehta New Member

    Thanks bro for sharing.
    I actually already watched a lot of miss Tanaka.

    I am now in love with Saori hara and Sora Aoi, could not find much of sora though :(
  7. Striker74

    Striker74 New Member

    Oh, not bad, do you got vids of these two asian tit attractions?? They are nice^^

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