Lezpoo - Jolanda and Daisy

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    Lezpoo - Jolanda & Daisy

    Scene Story:
    Jolanda getting pissed and shit on by Daisy and having a great time smearing the piss and shit all over her body, in her face and in her hair.


    Scene Full Name: Lezpoo - Jolanda & Daisy 1
    Scene Full Length: 01:11:09 min (44:59 and 26:10)
    Scene Full Size: 1.31 GB (849 MB and 494 MB)
    Starring: Jolanda (blonde one), Daisy (brunette one)
    Format Video: MPEG4, yuv 420p, fps 25.00
    Format Audio: mp3, 4400 Hz,2 channels, sl 6, 128 kb/s
    Resolution: 1280 x 720
    Genre: Scat, Lesbian






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