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Discussion in 'About Intporn' started by Pervert, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    So far I'm not liking this new forum look.

    You guys should have a voting poll to decide to revert back to the old one or stay with the new one.

    The old layout was by far more easier to navigate.
  2. Aeris

    Aeris Guest

    I understand you are not liking the look of the new version, though can you be more specific on the trouble you have navigating?

    Cause saying that you simply find yourself better in the old version of layout is not much of an help.

    Simply try to describe it, and lets see if we can improve this instead then going back to the old style (i'm not sure if there is this late possibility though).

  3. Pervert

    Pervert New Member

    Well, if there isn't any chance of going back to the old style then there isn't a point to explain to you how I found intporn 1.0 user friendly.

    Thank you for your answer anyway.
  4. Aeris

    Aeris Guest

    I don't think you are right.

    We are here to hear your critics and your reviews not cause we have fun reading them, but cause we want to improve this forum.

    If you tell me the intporn 1.0 was user-friendly and the 2.0 isn't I can accept your comment, but if you want to help us, and not only help us but also help yourself, you have to tell us why, where, what, and how this version is not user-friendly and the same thing (vice versa) for the old version.

    Then we can start to work and think of a way to improve even more this new version to be as user-friendly as you, and other users, might need.

    Doing this you may put the focus on things that maybe we didn't think about and also other users could say "yes, I have the same problem" or "no, what are you talking about, is better like this" or other details on the problem you might have.

    This is not only good cause you help improve the forum, but it is also a way to respect us moderators that use our free time to administrate the forum.

    If you still think you don't want to answer think also that the complain you did (is your right to do it) make only lose our time if it isn't done with a critic or an idea to help us.

    Given this, I expect a reply (probably long) explaining the point where this is not as user-friendly as the 1.0 version.

    You don't want to use a bit of your time (also if it is 12 hours to make a real and extended complaint) describing all you feel wrong/bad or whatever?

    Then, in my opinion (I didn't talk with other moderators nor intporn about this) you have no right to complain cause this version isn't user-friendly.

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  5. JordonAsh

    JordonAsh New Member

    i think this version is user friendly,but where has all the content gone?? i remember i used to search for old movies and find them and now i can't,seems like they are also stuck in transition.....hope it ends quickly,personally i like this version looks goods
  6. simohbk82

    simohbk82 New Member

    hi friend sorry i'm new here

    I search "viols dans la garrigue" and i don't find it in nobody internet links or pages...please help me!

    Thank a lot and sorry if i write here (i know that's probably wrong page to search)
  7. intporn

    intporn Administrator Staff Member

    Old content will come in time. We had to do a restart.
  8. Sweetlord

    Sweetlord New Member

    Hi. I used to be a forum admin in 2003 and for the 10 following years. Since 2003, my forum (a very old phpBB 2.x) had several graphic themes installed and maintained by myself so members could easily choose the theme that suited them best.
    I'm shocked that in 2014 the zillions of members of a huge forum such as intporn have to stick with only ONE theme / layout / design / whatever. How can things still be that way in 2014 ?
    This forum has great content, but it should absolutely also have several themes to choose from. That's for starters.
    (if there are several themes please forgive me and tell me where to find them, because I've been looking for them without success)

    Second, regarding my specific needs, I would favor ANY "dark" theme (clear text over dark background) that wouldn't burn my eyes like this current theme is doing.
    Can you please understand that a LOT of people simply can't stand looking at a white/clear background like yours ?
    It's not even a personal preference : it's something mandatory for people like me.

    Thanks for your understanding of these two things.
  9. Warpgate

    Warpgate Proud Member

    Yup. +1 on that. I've always hated white backgrounds with black text. A night theme or a dark theme would be great.
  10. Sweetlord

    Sweetlord New Member

    So, can we expect a reply from a forum admin and know if our requests are taken into consideration ? Thanks ! :)