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    Pocahontas - My Daddy Secrets
    Pocahontas Dirty Diary


    1Gb - 41:31 - .mkv - 1280x720

    Dear Diary: I've been having some pretty wild fantasies about Daddy lately and I really want to act on them. I'm starting to think my Daddy is spying on me so it might be really easy. The other day I was in the shower and swore I was being watched so I put on a bit of a show with my glass dildo. The thought of Daddy watching me made me cum sooo hard. I'm going to make my move on him tonight since moms working late.
    When Daddy came home I was sitting on the couch in my sexiest skirt and blouse with no undies on. He sat down and tried to get the remote from me but I made him try to get it. He grabbed my foot and tickled me like he used to and we wound up in a tickle fight. Somehow my big tits popped out and I stuck them in his face. Next thing I knew my fantasy was coming true as Daddy fucked me on the couch. We both were soo turned on I came several times then Daddy accidentally came in me. I hope I'm not pregnant.
    Dear Diary: Its been a few days since I've written but moving into my apartment took a few days. After I got all settled in Daddy surprised me with a visit while I was washing dishes. I missed him so much I begged for his cock right away. After he let me suck it for a bit he hiked up my dress and fucked me right on the counter. His hard cock pounding me while I tweaked my own nipples made me cum quickly. After a few orgasms Daddy left me a special present deep in my womb too. I'm gonna end up pregnant for sure.
    Dear Diary, I got great news, Daddy is coming for the whole weekend while mommie is out of town. I'm going to buy a special outfit for him, I hope he likes it.
    Dear Diary, Daddy cam in while I was getting ready and I told him to get comfortable. When I cam out wearing the sheer nightie I bought Daddy was speechless. He loved it so much his cock got hard quickly. After I sucked it a bit I straddled Daddy and started riding him hard. Daddy reached out and spanked my ass and I was in heaven. I begged him to spank me more and we fucked each other until we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up craving Daddys cock so I sucked and jerked it til he came all over my tits.
    Dear Diary: I've been in school 5 months now and even though I'm pregnant Daddy still comes to visit regularly. I think he likes my pregnant pussy more than moms cause he's talking about divorcing her. I hope he does and then all my fantasies will come true.
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    Mandy Flores - CUM in your mouth is all that matters...


    816mb - 16:26 - .mp4 - 1280x720

    That's right slave ray. You just sit there and watch me suck and fuck my man's cock. My mouth waters for his dick and he makes my pussy cum over and over again. You just watch and hear me humiliate you, tease you and remind you of what you will never have. Do even remember what sex smells like? Loser. You want to pretend that Im your Daughter Cassie and Im fucking Scott right in front of you? I have you wrapped around my little finger you fucking pervert. Cuckolds dream come true. You are so lucky to be taking my mans load all over your face. Don't disappoint me Daddy cuckold slave, you better make damn sure you swallow every last delicious drop. This is all that matters in your pathetic existence. Serving and worshiping me is your life now. Own it.
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    Uncle Dick Knocked Me Up HD
    When My Anal Addiction Cures His Affliction


    1,43Gb - 43:54 - .wmv - 1280x720

    Added: 05/07/13

    Dear Diary
    After I got busted at the clinic for blowing one of my patients I kinda got lucky, my Aunt needed a nurse for awhile. Uncle Dick had come down with an ailment that caused a temporary paralysis and my Aunt had a business trip to take. After a few days of being alone in a small town, my desires got the best of me and you'll never believe what I did.
    One afternoon I was sooo horny I sat on the couch and started to masturbate. I'm kind of ashamed to say it but my thoughts turned to my uncles cock getting hard during his sponge bath. I couldn't control myself with a cock that close so I went into his room. I slowly slid up his gown and started teasing his cock. From the smile that formed on my Uncle Dicks face I knew I had his approval so I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it hard.
    I had to feel his cock in my wet pussy so I climbed on top of him and rode it hard for quite awhile. My pussy throbbed and twitched as orgasm after orgasm wracked my body. Apparently temporary Paralysis doesn't prevent ejaculation because my Uncle exploded deep in my pussy. I wonder what would happen if he got me pregnant? It's not like we share DNA.

    Dear Daiay
    A few hours after my Uncle satisfied me I got really horny again and started masturbating. I even fucked my asshole with a toy. I got soo hot I figured I'd make use of my Uncles cock again. I licked and sucked him hard then started riding it. I fingered my tight asshole while fucking him until it wasn't enough. I slid his cock in my asshole and rode it til I came hard several times. I love Uncle Dick even more now.

    Dear Diary,
    You're never going to believe this. I was in the kitchen doing dishes when I got the shock of my life, Uncle Dick walked up behind me. Apparently my anal addiction cured his affliction. I was soo happy to have him back I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock. Uncle Dick put me on the kitchen counter and fucked me hard for what seemed like ours. After I came several times I felt uncle Bobs cock throb and explode deep in my womb. He filled me up with soo much cum a bit dripped out. I'm sooo glad he's cured.

    Dear Diary

    A lot has happened since I last wrote. My Aunt ran off with a guy she met at a convention before we told her Uncle Dick recovered. Uncle Dick filed for divorce and a few weeks later we discovered I was pregnant. I'm in my last trimester now and since we're not related genetically Uncle Dick and I will be getting married. We'll be one big happy family.
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    Dan's Porn & Taboo - Allie Gets Fucked by her Daddy


    308mb - 22:58 - .wmv - 1280x720

    Allie Gets Fucked by her Daddy

    Allie needs money from her daddy. She begs and give him those puppy eyes. He relents as long as she will do what he asks. He puts his had on his stiffening cock and she understands what he wants. She will do whatever her daddy asks to make him happy.

    First he licks his daughters sweet pussy. Then he has her give him a blowjob. After a bit, he wants to show his daughter, daddy knows all the moves. He picks her up, spins her over for a vertical 69---then back down on the couch for some hardcore fucking. They change positions a few times, use the table, stand up and finally, she gets on her knees, sucks her daddy off and he blows his load all over his sweethearts face.

    Fetish Elements: Ncest, Taboo, Sex, Blowjob, Pussy Licking, Daddy Talk, Cum Shot.
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    Dan's Porn & Taboo - Big Brother Love - Fucks Little Sister Olive


    237mb - 13:55 - .wmv - 1280x720


    Story Olive had only stopped by her bothers house to practice yoga with him. Now, they were in his bedroom shedding their clothes. Soon they were on each other kissing and questioning whether they should even be doing this. Ultimately, the answer was yes. She started off on her brother, taking his big cock into her wanting mouth. She sucked him for a while, then he started on her, licking and sucking her sweet pussy. She had always wanted her older brother and now she was getting her wish. He too, had longed for his younger sister and now, he was letting his cock sliding in and out of her warm, inviting pussy. They fucked all ways before she finally sucked his cock and took and swallowed her bothers hot cum.

    Fetish Elements: Ncest, Kissing, Pussy Licking, Blowjob, Fucking, Brother/Sister.
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    Dan's Porn & Taboo - Dad and Jenny


    133mb - 12:43 - .wmv - 1280x720

    Dad and Jenny

    Jenny has been hanging out with her dad after school, helping him at his office. To night was no different. And, as her dad explained to her mom on the phone that he would be late again tonight, Jenny eagerly sucked his cock. She loved her dad's cock. It was big and filled her mouth. She loved cock. After a while of cock sucking, dad helped his daughter onto his desk and then licks her pussy for a while. Then, he slides his cock into her tight wet slit. He fucks her for a good while and in different positions until finally shooting his load deep inside her.

    Fetish Elements: Ncest, Dad, Daughter, Fucking, Blowjob, Taboo.
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    Dan's Porn & Taboo - Jason Fucks His Twin Sister


    255mb - 16:16 - .wmv - 1280x720

    Jason Fucks His Twin Sister

    Jason is excited. His twin sister Kay said she would suck his cock and lick his balls today. Kay was super hot and he always wanted to do things with his twin sister, but until today, they never tried anything. She was willing now, so he was not going to stop her. She sucked his cock and licked his balls so seductively like they were lovers. He could not believe she was doing this. After a while, she surprised him again, now climbing up on his lap, slipping his cock inside her and riding him. She was so fine, so sexy. He fuck his twin sister hard. Later, back in his bedroom, he fuck her in different positions until he cam inside her tight, wet pussy.

    Fetish Elements: Ncest, Brother, Sister, Twin, Fucking Taboo, Blowjob, Ball Licking.
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    Dan's Porn & Taboo - My Step-Daughter Sucks and Fucks Me


    144mb - 10:44 - .wmv - 1280x720

    My Step-Daughter Sucks and Fucks Me

    Starring Melody Jordan

    I took my step-daughter on a weekend trip. Just us. She came out in some lingerie I bought her, and was on my cock, slurping and sucking it. I took her to the bed and fucked her. Then, she sucked my cock and swallowed my load. She is daddy's good little step-daughter!

    Fetish Elements: Father, Daughter, Ncest, Blow-Job, Sex, Taboo, Family.
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    Dan's Porn & Taboo - TIFFANY fucks DADDY


    183mb - 13:24 - .wmv - 1280x720

    Tiffany Casey Smith stops by her dads house on the way home from school like she does most days. Since her mom and dad got divorced, she has been spending more time with him. Today, she had a plan. She was going to turn her daddy on. The conversation started normal, but Casey did all the things a girl could do to be sexy and is was not too long before daddy was rubbing her pussy. Casey rewarded him by sucking his big cock for a while. Then daddy picked her up and vertical 69'd her. He was eating her pussy while she slurped and sucked his cock. Back on the couch, he ate her out some more and then they started fucking. There were several positions--on the couch, standing up, bent over, and eventually on the bed where he finally creamed all over his daughters perfect tits.

    Fetish Elements: Ncest, Taboo, Sex, Blowjob, Squirting, Pussy Licking, Daddy Talk, Cum Shot.
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