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Discussion in 'About Intporn' started by intporn, Mar 29, 2013.

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  2. Cluette

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    I wanted to search videos for Corbin Fisher ( gay) in the search) and it said noting found. How do I use the search to find gay porn?
  3. Aeris

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    Since the forum is still kinda "empty" is highly probable that you didn't find what you was searching for cause it was not already posted in the .org version.

    Try to search it in, where the probability to find what you search is higher, but since is the old version is slower then here both the search and the navigation.

  4. I_Luv_Porn

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    Funny, I have the opposite problem from Cluette. I searched using within this thread only option, and the first results were gay porn! When I went back to try the search again, it changed the selection to within this forum. Thinking I did it wrong the first time, I switched the search options and got the same result.

    On a related subject, a couple of tag options in the search would immeasurably help.

    Since we have gays finding breeder sex and hets finding gay sex, an orientation tag will materially improve the "signal to noise" ratio of search results. Since posters seem to have a few orientations they prefer, the standard orientation could be a default value from the poster's profile. Some orientation categories:
    • Gay (m-m interaction, no m-f penetration)
    • Bi (both m-m & m-f penetration)
    • TG
    • Les (F-F interaction, no men)
    • Solo-M
    • Solo-F
    • Het (m-f interaction; may be multiple combinations of men and women)

    I differentiate between "penetration" and "interaction" to accommodate softcore porn, which may not show actual penetration but certainly has orientation preference.

    I know you kicked around the idea of segregating gay materials to a different site. By implementing "orientation" tags, you can keep it all in one DB, on one site. If you really want to impress the geeks, you can allow orientation filtering at the forum level so it only displays threads with desired orientation(s).

    Since M-F creampies are (currently) my main interest and kink, I only want to see Het materials. Everybody wins, though, when the site embraces a broad variety of interests, especially if we can easily filter out non-interests. Besides, who's going to judge my kinks when there's lots of really strange material out there that makes my interests look so tame. :D
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    Just a quick question: Do people post to the wrong forums, or is it our search index that is messed up?
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    I figure since this site is newer that there isn't as much info like at other site, but since today I cannot "thank" the post or even do a search, like maybe it's getting close to "closing time" :(

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