How do you organize your Pornvideos?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Taess, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Taess

    Taess New Member

    I just dont know how i shlould do this.
  2. aj71

    aj71 New Member

    I just name a folder XXX, then create folders named by site then the actress's name on folders from that site. I'm very organized with my stuff. I go as far as adding screenshots and proper titles.
  3. 3xFactor

    3xFactor Member

    I don't save porn on my computer. It's all on my website.
  4. Borgen

    Borgen New Member

    I have folders by actress and also ones by scene type
  5. Sumsi

    Sumsi New Member

    folder + subfolders = done. For me that works.
  6. Giveittome

    Giveittome New Member

    For me ... I keep videos ... and personal info documents.

    I keep individual text documents with personal info and a movie / website archive on my favorite girls. I keep track of their "performing" history ... their birth date ... their hometown ... kinda nerdy, but I like doing it. For example: Ass Parade - Big Tits on the Job ... Big Tits Round Asses ... Big Wet Butts ... etc. That is all kept in it's own separate folder. I separate them in alphabetical order ... according to last name. A=Amira Adara, August Ames ... B=Lexi Belle, Bobbi Bliss ... etc.

    When it comes to videos...

    I recently got a new hard drive with a 1 terrabyte system, so my collection is massive. I have over 500 individual videos. Right now ... I just have all of my videos in 1 stand-alone folder ... but in the past, I created a catch-all folder ... then created a individual folder within ... for each girl ... again in alphabetical order ... by last name. Depends on if you want to separate by performer ... or by website ... or by their age ... MILF vs non-Milf. It's all up to you.

    Seems to work for me. Give it some thought.
  7. Sharon Nabors

    Sharon Nabors New Member

    Go to files then users then folder me then folder trash then folder boring then folder garbage then folder do not enter and there you keep all porn videos collection
    If you still get caught well its out of your hands then