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Discussion in 'About Intporn' started by AdorableTeens, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. AdorableTeens

    AdorableTeens Intporn Silver

    Seem to be my old account here on the intporn.org got lost as it was beta.
    So lets start again...will my old thread actually imported or archived as it is written on intporn.com?

    Have fun all
  2. Aeris

    Aeris Guest

    All the contents on Intporn.com will be archived, if you wish to have them also here you have to copy them I'm afraid (only the live links)
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  3. HumpherBackside

    HumpherBackside New Member

    Here's hoping this full charge at the bastions of intporn 2.0 will result in massively triumphant victory where previous attempts have stalled in the field and been slaughtered like baby seals and eaten by bugs!

    For what it's worth, from a user perspective this effort looks like a winner. Thanks to the people who work behind the scenes to make this machine run smoothly. I know it is a lot of work and a lot of time invested and I for one am very grateful for the largesse ;-)
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