Goran - Ready for the daily service (2011)

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    Goran - Ready for the daily service (2011)

    One year ago he was walking his dog. Mecko and Becko overwhelmed and abducted him together with two Spanish camper from the forest. They used and fucked him to the limit. A cute and submissive boy. So the soldiers decided to keep him as their new house-slave.
    It is a sunny morning in Tchukistan. Ivan is in a good mood so he wants his morning blow-job from Goran. The poor slave-boy gets suspended to a metal bar over night – like always. When Ivan uses the winch he moves Goran?s head exactly in his favourite position. He takes his already hard dick out of his pants and moves it slowly over the cute baby-face of his slave. “Time to suck me, baby – same procedure as every day.” Goran is used to it. He knows that if his masters get angry the punishment will follow immediately.
    Suddenly Mecko joins the breakfast-game. He climbs a chair and wants to get satisfied by Goran?s mouth. “Suck faster, bitch... faster, how many times did I tell you?”But Goran is still sleepy and even though he tries he cannot deliver a proper service. “Stop – Ivan, lets bring this fucker down to earth”.
    The winch moves his slim and toned body to the dirty ground. Mecko kneels in front of his face. “Open your mouth and take it” He pushes his hard dick deep into the helpless guy?s face. But the following face-fuck is only the first part of this slave?s punishment.
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