Do I need to move faster?

Discussion in 'About Intporn' started by soulja, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. soulja

    soulja New Member

    I see TONS of old FM concepts and Harmony Concepts videos I so badly want to download, but every time I seem to click the download button, none of these are available for download or the file cannot be found.

    My questions is, do files normally only stay available for just a few minutes or hours or what? There seems to be so many dead links in the BDSM department. Do I just need to watch and then pounce?

    Just trying to understand how this works.

  2. Warpgate

    Warpgate Proud Member

    I don't hang out much in the BDSM section, but paid links die very quickly compared to AnonFiles/Solidfiles and other non-paid per download links.

    Ask for a reupload, that's my tip.